SCAC/Vendor code cannot be empty. SCAC cannot be longer than 5 characters SCAC must be present SCAC can only consist of letters and numbers Vendor code cannot be longer than 100 characters. Company name cannot be longer than 100 characters. Contact email cannot be empty and must be in an email format. Contact email cannot be longer than 100 characters. Contact name cannot be longer than 100 characters. Contact phone must be between 5 and 15 digits. PO cannot be empty. PO ID cannot be longer than 100 characters. FC cannot be empty. FC is invalid. Transportation Id cannot be empty. Cannot create appointment due to data communication error. Comments cannot exceed 500 characters. Are you sure you want to cancel appointment {0}? Are you sure you want to update appointment {0}? Are you sure you want to auto populate this appointment? All current information may be overwritten. Trailer Number cannot exceed 32 characters Trailer number can only contain letters, numbers - and _. Error on shipment {0,number,integer}: {1} Either PRO or BOLs must be present PRO cannot be empty PRO can only consist of numbers, letters, and dashes PRO cannot exceed {0} characters PO List cannot be empty PO List can only consist of numbers, letters, and commas Blank PO in PO List Duplicate PO in PO List ARN must be a number ARN cannot exceed {0} characters BOL List cannot be empty BOL can only consist of numbers, letters, and dashes Blank BOL in BOL List Duplicate BOL in BOL List BOL cannot exceed {0} characters Vendor Name cannot exceed 50 characters ARN exists in a previous shipment PRO exists in a previous shipment BOL exists in a previous shipment None of Pallet, Carton, or Unit Count may be less than 0 or greater than 1000000000 Pallet Count cannot be larger than Carton Count, and Carton Count cannot be larger than Unit Count Pallet Count must be at least 1 for a palletised appointment Pallet Count must be less than {0} for an appointment. Pallet Count must be 0 for a floor-loaded appointment Please add at least one shipment. The Carrier Requested Delivery Date cannot be in the past. The Carrier-Requested Delivery Date must be within the next {0} days. Cannot update appointment due to data communication error. Cannot create account due to data communication error. Appointment auto populated with errors: Appointment auto populate failed. Please try again. If you believe the issue needs further investigation, please contact Amazon with the above information via the support link below. Cannot auto populate appointment due to data communication error. FBA shipment IDs replaced with errors: Replacing FBA shipment IDs failed. Please try again. Cannot replace FBA shipment IDs due to connection failure. Unique identifier for trailer Please add any additional instructions here. No Preference Pending Schedule Arrival Scheduled Arrived Deleted Cancelled Closed From time should be smaller than To time. ID input cannot be empty. ARN is number only. PRO and BOL can only consist of numbers, letters, and dashes. PO can only consist of numbers and letters. Cannot search appointments due to data communication error. One of ARN or PRO or BOLs must be present - Company name is required. Contact name is required. Contact phone is required. Bill of Lading Vendor Name is required Carton Count is required Unit Count is required Freight type is required. Card type is required. Trailer type is required. Is freight clampable is required. PO list cannot exceed {0} entries BOL list cannot exceed {0} entries The unit count for floor loaded type is required and needs to be larger than zero Appointment Reference Code No call no shows or cancellations within 24 hours of scheduled arrival time are considered a defect against the courier. Amazon requires an appointment defect rate of less than 10% to be eligible to deliver to Amazon facilities. Below is a beta version of our appointment availability view. This view is currently under testing and will be available only in select cases. In this view, you can select any available appointment from below and click confirm to get a confirmed appointment in real-time. The appointment edits will require you to select a new appointment slot. Please select availability from below. Select an available time Cancel Get more availabilities Confirm Submit appointment request Your selection will not change your appointment, or generate any chargeback or penalties. Please read the scenario and select your preference. is constrained. away can provide an earlier appointment. The next available slot is , a total of slots are available on that day. Are you willing to redirect to instead? Reason why you chose this option (optional) How did you feel about the redirect opportunity? I do not want to receive any more redirect suggestions Select an option to submit your input Select a redirect reason Our team may reach out to you for redirect within 1 day. Your appointment will not change until you confirm the redirect with our team. Your appointment with will not change.

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